What do YOU love about practicing medicine?

Anyone who works in the medical industry knows that it’s changing dramatically year after year, and it seems that may continue. Yet at TinkBird Healthcare Staffing, we hear from the doctors and nurses we represent that they still find many things to love about practicing medicine. Physicians Practice recently asked doctors and other industry professionals about their love affair with medicine.

One Texas family physician has this to say: “I enjoy the conversations and relationship I’ve made with my patients. I’ve become even more empathetic to their current health situation.”

“I love the control, the demand, the creativity, the stress, and the thought that I’ve done something good for a person,” said a podiatric surgeon in Illinois.

“I am extremely excited about 2017 since with each passing year we make enormous strides in medicine,” said an informatics consultant to the healthcare industry.

Read more from medical professionals about what there is to love about careers in healthcare. And then tell us what YOU love about being a doctor or nurse. Leave a comment on our Facebook page or other social site.

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