Penn State Scores Grant to Fuel Interest in Primary Care

Here’s a bit of good news to address the national physician shortage – right in our own backyard in Pennsylvania …

Penn State College of Medicine has received a grant from the Human Resources Services Administration (HRSA) to address physician training in new and innovative ways. The program is described as a “game changer” in helping encourage med students to go into the primary care field.

The grant will work to better integrate medical school and residency positions with the actual environments in which primary care physicians will ultimately work. Trainees will become specialists in high-quality primary care through stronger collaboration with local communities, service organizations, and state and local public health agencies. Read more here.

This is one piece of the puzzle to address the physician shortage. We at Tinkbird Healthcare Staffing are doing our part, as well. We are constantly building our network of top physicians to staff primary care positions throughout Pennsylvania and other states. Contact us to help your facility source and hire the region’s top talent.


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