Wellness Wednesdays: How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy isn’t cheap, but that does not mean you cannot buy fresh foods without breaking the bank! With a little planning and prep, you and your family can eat well and save money. Keep reading to learn how, courtesy of MyFitnessPal.com.

  1. Eat before you shop. It is never a good idea to shop for food with an empty stomach. Impulse buys quickly add up and can destroy your allotted budget. Not to mention, you will find yourself picking up treats that are pleasing to the eye but not your waistline.
  1. Pay attention to specials. Always check the sales flyer at the front of the store to see the newest deals for the week. Also, while cruising the aisles, watch out for the hangtags that indicate additional sale or clearance items.
  1. Reach for store brands. Many in-house brands are just as good as the name brand items, and best of all, they are cheaper!


Click here for tips on how to save on healthy groceries. Happy shopping!

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