Benefits of Being a Travel Medical Professional

The healthcare industry is booming. The need for medical professionals has grown due to an aging population and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Locum tenens and other temporary medical staff fill the gaps for healthcare facilities to meet the demand. If you are considering temporary placement, being a travel medical professional has many benefits.

Doctors and nurses who work temporary assignments can find short-term and long-term placements based on the medical facility’s needs. Locum tenens are primarily doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. There is also a demand for travel nurses. Both can experience the benefits of being traveling medical professionals.

Travel opportunities for medical providers

One of the most significant benefits of being a traveling medical professional is the opportunity to live in new places. TinkBird offers nationwide placements in large cities, rural areas and almost everywhere in between.

Few professions allow a person to experience life in different places while staying on an upward career trajectory. Many choose this lifestyle because of the freedom and flexibility that comes with locum tenens and travel nursing.

Professional development

Traveling medical providers can broaden their skill set by working in different environments, from rural hospitals to facilities with the latest technological advances.

Each experience can build your ability to adapt and showcase your willingness to learn from new challenges. Exposure to different clinical settings and techniques can provide continuing education beyond the classroom or online courses.

Learn from colleagues

When accepting temporary medical assignments, you will have the chance to work with people from diverse backgrounds to broaden your perspective on patient care. Everyone brings different skills to their jobs, so working with a larger network of people will give you invaluable experiences you may not find in a permanent position.

Prevent burnout

Burnout is a major issue in the medical field, but one way to combat its effects is to find a work schedule that meets your needs. You can opt for short-term placements or take a break between assignments if you begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Avoid workplace stress

As a temporary staff member, you can avoid workplace politics and management issues. In most cases, you will focus on your job of caring for patients without the stress of administrative duties or excessive staff meetings. You can focus on your work and know that it is not a permanent situation.

Competitive pay

Travel medical professionals can earn more than traditional employees because they receive higher hourly wages, sign-on bonuses and paid housing expenses. Plus, any in-demand job has employers willing to pay more for services. You can also choose to take a position in an area with lower costs of living and tuck away extra money for the future.

Job security

Few positions have true job security, but medical professionals are always needed. As a locum tenens provider or travel nurse, you can fill a position until the facility finds a permanent staff member. Once your placement ends, another assignment will be available elsewhere.

Personal development

Living in a new place allows you to discover interests outside of work. Some cities are known for outdoor adventures, while others have bustling music and art scenes. You have a chance to explore different places, develop hobbies and meet new people.

A work travel lifestyle enables you to test different cities and facilities to see where you may want to live and work long-term.

Make a difference

Rural communities are experiencing a health crisis due to the lack of facilities and providers. You can impact patients’ lives in a meaningful way by providing care in one of these underserved communities. The experience will broaden your cultural awareness because you can serve people of different socio-economic backgrounds and those with diverse belief systems.

Many humanitarian organizations send healthcare staff to work during emergencies or ongoing crises, so some travel medical professionals choose to devote time to a cause important to them.

Work after retirement

Many people would like to continue working in some capacity after they have retired from a permanent medical position. Locum tenens work for doctors can allow them to continue practicing when they want without the hassle of administrative work. Travel nurses can use placements to explore a new area or supplement retirement income.

Retired medical professionals can also return to the workforce temporarily to help with specific duties, like administering COVID-19 vaccines.

Comprehensive support for travel medical professionals

We support our locum tenens and traveling nurses by focusing on finding the right placements for you. We offer a single point of contact with an experienced recruiter, compensation packages tailored to your needs and referral programs. We provide the resources you need to be successful as a travel medical professional.

Locum tenens and travel nursing staffing

Are you interested in traveling while working in the medical field? Contact Tinkbird Healthcare Staffing to find out about career opportunities in locations nationwide and see for yourself the benefits of being a travel medical professional.

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