Now Hiring COVID Crisis Care Medical Providers

For the better part of 2020, countries around the world desperately struggled to keep their COVID-19 cases down and quarantine their citizens to save as many lives as possible. As of December 31, 2020, more than 84 million coronavirus cases had been recorded worldwide, with more than 1.8 million lives lost.

The virus has taken its toll on communities around the global, and in the U.S., it has stretched our healthcare systems to its limits. As cases increased during the holidays, hospital emergency rooms and critical care units have filled up, and America’s healthcare providers are exhausted. Thankfully, help is on its way in the form of two critical vaccines that have recently been approved for emergency use by the FDA.

At TinkBird Healthcare Staffing, we’re currently hiring COVID crisis care providers for positions nationwide – in cities, suburbs and rural areas alike. Are you a licensed medial provider? If so, call us today to lend your expertise during this critical time!

NOW HIRING: Doctors and nurses for COVID-19 vaccination centers

Recently, the FDA approved the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, and thousands of vials of the vaccine are en route to hospitals and medical facilities nationwide. While everyone cannot get vaccinated right away, projections show that by the middle of 2021, the vaccine will be readily available for most Americans.

Vaccination centers need experienced doctors and nurses to administer the vaccines, and this is no small task. Pfizer’s vaccine, once taken out of the freezer, it will only last five days, and both vaccines require a two-shot sequence for inoculation. Patients will need the second shot three weeks after getting the first. For this process to work, vaccination centers need staff to not only help vaccinate as many people as possible but also keep track of how long it has been out of the freezer and to make sure they have enough of the second dosage.

NOW HIRING: Nurses for COVID-19 swabbing locations

Tests are more readily available in most regions of the U.S. than they were months ago, but that means more medical providers are needed to administer the tests. Medical practices, pharmacies, county health clinics and drive-thru testing sites need help with COVID-19 swabbing. Right now, we’re looking for registered nurses to fill this role. While medical practices need some of these nurses, the majority will need to go to drive-thru locations.

NOW HIRING: Critical care providers for COVID crisis care shifts working directly with COVID patients

As of late-December, thousands of U.S. hospitals were struggling to keep up with patient needs, according to the COVID-19 Hospitalization Tracking Project. Some intensive care units are reportedly taking in two or three times their normal capacity.

It’s a perfect storm: Testing is now widely available and many Americans ignored recommendations for restricted travel and large gatherings during the holidays. COVID cases are expected to rise even more in the coming weeks. Regular hospital staff cannot handle all these cases , so facilities around the country are hiring COVID crisis care providers with critical care experience to help cover shifts.

NOW HIRING: Temporary medical providers for primary care and urgent care practices

Adding to the frenzy are people who may be sick with a common cold or flu but are rushing to see their doctor in fear they have the coronavirus. Due to the surge of appointments, primary care and urgent care facilities are struggling to see all their sick patients as well as maintain wellness appointments and other routine patient care. To alleviate this issue, primary care physicians and urgent care practices are searching for temporary providers who can help with patient visits. These positions are open nationwide and are readily available until the coronavirus dies down.

TinkBird is hiring COVID crisis care workers for positions across the U.S.

Our nation’s hospitals, doctors’ offices and citizens need your help now more than ever. If you are a qualified healthcare professional able to provide COVID crisis care, call TinkBird Healthcare Staffing at 919.326.4112 to get placed today!

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