How to Choose a Locum Tenens Assignment

Choosing a locum tenens assignment is a very important decision. Locum tenens positions are can be very different, so when you interview for potential positions, it is essential that you ask the right questions. This temporary position will affect your life in many ways, so it is vital that you get the proper information regarding the job during the initial stages. So, you may be wondering how to choose a locum tenens assignment.

Here, our healthcare staffing experts raise some potential questions to can ask the hiring manager, as well as some questions you can ask yourself when deciding if the position is right for you.

Where is the assignment located?

If the position involves moving somewhere new temporarily, make sure you think about this new location before taking the next step. Can you see yourself living there? Do you think you will be happy in this new location? Take some time to research the community and surrounding area before saying yes to any locum tenens assignment. When understanding how to choose a locum tenens assignment, it’s essential to consider things like affordability, climate, proximity to friends and family, and the size of the city.

Does the position align with your career goals?

A new job should utilize your skills and provide the experience you need and want. Before taking on a new role, think about how this position will impact your career. A new job should be a step forward, not a step back, and it’s essential that a new position would change your career for the better and propel you to new heights.

Does this assignment work with your timeline?

Not all locum tenens positions are the same Make sure you ask how long the assignment is and then think about the time frame. Does that timing work for you and your personal and career goals? These are all vital questions to ask your potential employer and yourself.

What is the compensation?

The compensation for a new locum tenens position is possibly the most important aspect. As we mentioned above, this new role should be a step forward in your career, not a step back, and being paid fairly could be the deciding factor here. How will you be paid? How much will you be paid? Is the compensation enough for the specific role? All of these questions should be discussed in depth during an interview.

What type of facility is it?

Locum tenens assignments are all very different, and one facility is not going to be the same as the next. When being interviewed, ask about the facility. Then, take some time to think about all this new information. Is this a type of facility you want to work in? Are you looking for private practice or a hospital setting? If you have worked in a private practice for a long time, then you may want to stay in that field. However, don’t ever be afraid to take risks. Who knows, maybe you will love a new role in a hospital setting, and it could open new doors for you. Get the specifics about the facility in the initial interview. There are tons of locum tenens positions out there, and if this facility isn’t ideal for you, then you should keep looking.

Do you like the people you will be working with?

Some interviews give you a chance to get to know your fellow coworkers. Chances are, when you are being interviewed, some of the people doing the interview are people you are going to be working with if you accept the job. How do you feel about these people? Do you think you will get along with them during work? When deciding about this potential job, make sure you take the people into consideration as well.

Remember to set the bar high

Remember, there are tons of locum tenens positions out there. Facilities are always looking for new team members, especially in the midst of COVID-19. If a locum tenens position does not check all the boxes for you, then don’t settle. Hospitals and offices everywhere are on the lookout for potential job candidates, and with a little time and research, you will find the position that is right for you.

If you’re looking for more help on how to choose a locum tenens assignment, TinkBird can help! We staff a wide range of positions for both locum tenens and permanent placements all over the country. Contact us today to get started!

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