Locum Tenens Travel Guide: Getting to Know Your New City

There were over 50,000 locum tenens providers in the United States in 2019. Many hospitals and medical offices now use these temporary workers to help keep things moving smoothly. Since the pandemic hit in early 2020, they are in even higher demand.

With these temporary medical staff traveling to new locations for work, they need to adjust to their new temporary homes, and we want to help you make the most of your time at your new place. Utilize this guide to help you get to know your new city and enjoy experiencing new things!

Research the city

Before you make it to your new destination, try to do some basic research. Learn about popular sites, restaurants, stores, events, activities and more. Most cities and towns have specific features that they are popular or known for. While you are there, try to do some of the fun or interesting things. Researching will also help you plan your time accordingly while you are working there.

Ask the locals

If you truly want to know more about a new place, you need to talk to the locals. The locals will know everything about the area you are working in. They will also know the lesser-known yet great things around like mom and pop stores or restaurants. Plus, they can give you tips and secrets about how to live in the area. You never know, you may make lifelong friends along the way.

Go exploring

Want to learn more about a city fast? Then, take the first step and go exploring. Check out the greenery in the town, the shopping areas, the food joints, the museums, the downtown area and more. Just by exploring, you will find out so much more about your surroundings. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes and take pictures, so you can remember your time there.

Talk with your colleagues

Get to know your coworkers while getting to know your city at the same time. Many of your colleagues will live in the city you are working in and have lived there for longer than you. They can give you suggestions and recommendations as well as show you some of the sites. While talking to your colleagues, they will not only teach you about the city but will also help you get adjusted to your temporary work environment. Plus, getting to know the team can motivate them to hire you back on in the future.

Use social media

Social media is a great tool if you want to get to know a new place. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit are great resources for photos, reviews, suggestions and events. While using social media, you can even find an online community that can help you adjust to the city and make new friends at the same time.

However, remember to think smart and be safe while using social media. Many online predators seek people unfamiliar with their area so they can harm or take advantage of them. If you are meeting someone new, meet them in a public area and bring along protective measures like pepper spray.

Join a group

All cities have loads of groups, events and activities that you can join in to help you learn more about your temporary home. There are a ton of groups to join — workout, karaoke, sports, crafting, book clubs and more. When joining a group, they can show you the ropes around your city and even give recommendations.

To find these groups and activities, utilize social media, the internet and your coworkers. Sometimes restaurants, libraries and coffee shops will showcase different activities and groups throughout the city.  Even with COVID-19 safety and restrictions, there are plenty of virtual groups that could help you better understand your new town.

Check out the nightlife

Remember that you are still human and need to enjoy your time off, especially since the medical field can be exhausting. What better way to do that and learn about your new town than by checking out the nightlife?

Restaurants, bars, clubs, outdoor activities, concerts and movies are just a few of the aspects associated with a city’s night scene. Plus, who does not like going out and enjoying their night? However, during COVID-19 remember to take the proper precautions and do not place yourself in an overcrowded area.

As a locum tenens, you have the luxury of seeing new places. Therefore, make sure you are enjoying your time and seeing as much as possible. Life is about embracing new experiences and adventures. By following the steps above, you will easily adjust and learn about your new city. If you are a provider looking for temporary or permanent medical placements, TinkBird can help! Contact us today and let us utilize our extensive network of facilities to find you the position you’ve been looking for.

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