Make the Most of your Work Day as a Physician

A career in healthcare can often be quite challenging. Do you find yourself constantly losing focus? Worried that your work is falling out of your control? Long hours, demanding responsibilities and little time for breaks can sometimes be routine for a day as a physician or medical provider.

A New York Times article addresses key strategies based on your specific work style to maximize your productivity at work.

For the multitasker

Remove temptations. The more isolated you are from external distractions, the better off your work will be. Working on just one screen or device is also helpful and will maximize your proficiency. Also, work in intervals. This can sometimes be hard for the demanding, patient-filled day as a physician. Taking a break when the opportunity arises is a great way to reset your mind and allow for the best focus possible when returning to your work.

For the procrastinator

Find an accountability buddy in your office. This can help you stay on top of that lingering pile of paperwork. Also, make to-do lists or a calendar of events, which will serve as a visual cue to help you see what needs to be accomplished.

For the computer user

Set aside a time for emails only and separately a time for responses and what needs to be completed. Turning off all additional notifications can help foster a relaxed work environment, and you won’t be tempted to start on 40 tasks at once only to complete none.

Read the entire article on the New York Times website, and remember to start off small and keep your goals simple. Soon enough, you will be maximizing your time at work and can leave feeling accomplished and not defeated.

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