Shortage and Retirement Trends in Nursing Jobs

Nursing is honored as one of the most difficult and fulfilling jobs in the healthcare industry today. These professionals handle procedures such as patient vitals when they arrive at a doctor’s office, as well as a considerate friend in times of extended stays. In difficult times, the compassion of a nurse can be a true comfort. However, the strength of these heroes does not make them invincible to the stresses of daily life. With staffing shortages facing medical facilities across the world, many nurses are considering leaving their roles. With an entire generation of nurses due to retire soon, shortages are expected to worsen. Learn more in the graphic below.


The nursing profession can be a wonderful way to touch the lives of others, as well as explore the country. TinkBird Healthcare Staffing cultivates relationships with medical facilities and top-quality healthcare providers to connect those seeking nursing jobs to healthcare practices in need. We have temporary positions across the United States, and also handle permanent placement for medical facilities looking into outsourcing the recruitment of their nursing, and other medical professionals. If you’re looking to relieve the burden on your nurses, or are a nurse seeking to be a part of the solutions, contact your TinkBird representative today.



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