How to Recruit Top Healthcare Candidates

As a leading medical recruiting firm, it’s our job to find top healthcare candidates to fill your vacancies. We have a large pool of medical professionals ready to go to work for facilities like yours. We know you and your staff are busy with patient care and administration, so we handle the hiring process for you. Learn how we ensure you get the best candidates.

Recruiting backed by experience

Our healthcare recruiting firm has over two decades of experience in helping facilities source top healthcare candidates. We understand the different needs and challenges each facility faces in the recruitment and hiring process.

Our team collaborates with you to fully understand all aspects of your facility, its needs and the community you serve. We place travel nurses, locum tenens and permanent positions to fill a variety of needs for your healthcare facility.

We can help with temporary nurse positionsshort-term assignments or vacant permanent positions. We tailor our strategies to meet your placement needs so that we can provide you with qualified job candidates. We strive to find the right person for the job for your company culture, teammates and patient community. Our recruiters follow news and healthcare industry trends to provide the best service for our clients.

Vast network of top healthcare candidates

Consider us a one-stop shop for the best in locum tenens, travel nurses and other medical professionals. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with candidates across multiple healthcare markets and medical specialties.

Our network of potential hires goes beyond what you can reach with a local job listing. Your best candidate might live hundreds of miles away, but we can easily match them to your facility.

We source, screen and assess applicants on your behalf so you can get the right person for the position. Our team knows what traits you look for in a healthcare professional. And we understand the different levels of experience medical jobs require.

Because we focus on recruitment, we are always fine-tuning our process to attract qualified candidates. Our firm has a diverse pool of candidates that lets us match your facility with the best candidate.

Everyone deserves an equal chance for healthcare jobs, so we find and place workers with principles of diversity and fairness.

Comprehensive job seeker screening

Our recruiters work with candidates to ensure they have the traits needed to be successful in the position. We screen candidates to confirm that their credentials are valid and that their licenses are current. We understand that medical licensure for each state varies, so we ensure your candidate can practice in your area.

Candidates that meet all your needs, from medical expertise to providing exceptional patient experiences, will be valuable members of your team. Therefore, we also access candidates for soft skills to match you to the right person, including:

  • Communication skills
  • Compassion
  • Patience
  • Time management
  • Flexibility
  • Problem-solving
  • Effectiveness as a team player

If you are filling a role in healthcare management, we know you need top healthcare candidates with leadership experience. Our review process ensures you will be given providers who can supervise teams, motivate staff and encourage collaboration in your facility.

Temporary roles require candidates who are flexible and can quickly take on daily tasks. We vet candidates to ensure they can make the transition into your facility easily.

New hire success

Finding healthcare talent is just the first step in filling a vacancy in your facility. We prepare your new temporary or permanent employee to ensure a successful outcome. Our candidates have a single point of contact to answer any questions about their new position, your facility or the location.

We manage payroll, insurance and other compensation aspects in many of our temporary placements, saving your facility from administrative work.

Additionally, we equip our candidates with resources to ease their transition into new roles. Our blog offers helpful advice on adapting to a new workplace. Additionally, it provides tips on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This will ensure that new hires will perform at their best and help them avoid provider burnout.

Even after the hiring process is over, our team continues to offer support and expertise. We have a large provider and facility network. These relationships have been in place for many years, and our partners trust us to help them whenever necessary. Our team is always available to able to answer questions or help with concerns.

Experienced healthcare staffing team

TinkBird helps you find the best candidate for your medical facility. Our highest priority is being the to-go resource for both candidates and facilities. Contact us to see how we can help you in the recruitment process. Our team members are available 24/7.

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