Why Use a Medical Staffing Agency? 

The demand for professional healthcare staff is increasing. As it does, it’s becoming more challenging to find the right employees for your facility.

However, putting that pressure on your staff to sort through those candidates is unreasonable. Because as it stands, healthcare staff doesn’t have the time or energy left over after their daily tasks to attend to hiring protocols. Even if they did, it would be hard for them to cast a wide enough net to find the best employee.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to get the medical professionals you need without putting the burden on your staff.

Medical staffing agencies are the best tool to use when you need to offset the burden of the hiring process. But without sacrificing the quality of candidates.

We understand that it’s hard to trust this vital process to someone else. So we’ll present you with eight practical reasons why use a medical staffing agency.

1.   Expanded reach to qualified candidates

Medical staffing agencies are able to reach many more candidates than your internal hiring process could. Professional healthcare workers are available all over the country, but more times than not, they won’t ever see your posting.

Through the network that a medical staffing agency has, they can easily release your listing where all of these healthcare workers will see it. That means you can find the perfect fit for the exact job position that you’re looking to fill.

2.   See past the resume that candidates give you

When you partner with a staffing agency you can obtain much more information on candidates, instead of just relying on their resumes. They have access to an applicant’s entire work history and with that, you can easily see how reliable an applicant is. This can add a whole new dimension to their flat resume.

3.   Flexibility

Quality staffing agencies will adapt to your needs. You don’t have to only look for a full-time employee, you can look for a part-timer or even a locum tenens replacement. Whatever the need is, it’s more than likely that the agency can find the right person to fill it.

4.   Reduce your workload

We touched on this earlier, but medical staffing agencies can greatly reduce the burden that’s placed on the facilities administration. They do this in a number of ways but streamlining the process of selecting and onboarding applicants is just one of them.

The result is your staff having more time to spend on the tasks that need to get done.

5.   Less time spent on training

When these agencies bring in reliable, well-trained healthcare professionals, that means you don’t have to spend as much time getting them up to speed. You’ll be presented with fully screened, qualified and credentialed applicants every time. So they have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

6.   Reliable support

The healthcare industry is very competitive and unpredictable, so it helps when you can count on help being available whenever you need it. That’s what staffing agencies provide. Whether it’s a seasonal surge or too many members on staff falling sick, you can have around-the-clock support in filling those positions.

7.   You don’t have to spend your time analyzing the candidate

One part of hiring is analyzing the candidate at hand. You do that by fully enveloping yourself in the resume and conversation with the person. That’s incredibly useful for seeing if they’re a good fit, but it can often take too much time.

Staffing agencies can do that whole process for you. So by the time they reach you, you can be sure that they’ve already earned the trust of the agency.

8.   You get a partner that cares about your needs

This is the last thing on this list because it’s important. A good medical staffing agency doesn’t just give you some candidates and then run off, unless that’s what you want. They will stick with you to fully understand your needs. The next time you reach out, they’ll be able to quickly provide you with on-the-spot support.

Relieve your administrative hassle

At the end of the day, you only stand to benefit when you use a healthcare staffing agency. Start by looking into it further. Don’t wait for your administration to break down under the stress of hiring, take advantage of TinkBird’s vast knowledge of healthcare hiring today. Still wondering why use a medical staffing agency? Talk to our experts to learn more about how this process can save you time and money. Contact us today.

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