Why You Should Embrace Honesty When Hiring

The recent pandemic has intensified what was already a critical problem. The physician shortage has left healthcare facilities scrambling to find and hire the right people. To make matters worse, once someone is employed, it is not uncommon for the new hire to decide to leave, citing unhappiness in the new position.

Finding the right provider for the job can be difficult. Getting that person to stay can often be harder when the new provider comes into the position with expectations that do not meet the reality. This disconnect can lead to tension, ultimately causing the provider to leave once they realize the new position is not what was expected or hoped for. To stop this situation before it starts, healthcare facility hiring managers must be upfront about every aspect of the position. Here, we highlight why honesty is always the best policy when hiring healthcare providers. 

Be truthful about the position

It can be tempting to entice someone who seems to be the right candidate to take a job by sugar-coating it. The problem with this strategy is that the new hire will walk into the situation entirely unprepared for the realities of what they will be facing. Your new provider may quickly have feelings of frustration, anger and betrayal as they realize you were dishonest. The result is a lack of trust, which is almost impossible to overcome, providing the employee decides to stay long enough for that to be a possibility.

To combat this issue, be truthful about all aspects of the job, including its downsides. You might be afraid that your transparency will chase good candidates away. While that is possible, the more likely response is that the best person for the job will appreciate the honesty and be more inclined to take the job, knowing they are getting ready to work for a company that values its employees.

Be direct about your expectations

In addition to being upfront about the job and what it entails, you must be completely candid about what you expect your new provider to do. Be direct about the specific duties and attitude that is expected. Going into the interview process with truthful expectations about the sort of provider you need can reduce the chances of ending up hiring the wrong candidate.

Even more, telling the candidate what your expectations are will give the candidate a chance to be internally honest about their skills and qualifications. It will also help provide a better understanding of your needs and if they are in line with what is desired in a new position.

Be clear about advancement

Generally speaking, people are always looking to advance in their careers, hoping for more money and more responsibility. If these opportunities are not readily available in your facility, you must let it be known immediately.

Never bring someone in by making false promises. Once the new provider realizes that you were dishonest or gave a false picture of the possible future, disenchantment will soon turn to anger and apathy.

Honesty breeds honesty

Not only is honesty important for a candidate to understand the expectations of a job, but it is also a crucial factor in the candidate’s decision to be candid with you, too.

Once a feeling of trust is established during the interview process, and your prospect realizes that you are transparent, they will be able to return the sentiment and be open with you in return. It will be much easier to find someone who will be the right fit, ensuring happiness and job satisfaction for you and the new provider.

Finding the right healthcare provider for your facility

Honesty is essential when choosing the best fit for your facility. By lying or hiding the negative aspects of the job, you run the risk of hiring someone who will be miserable and dissatisfied with the job, leaving you in the lurch and looking for someone yet again.

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