How Medical Practices Benefit from Providing Telehealth Services

There was a time when telemedicine was not widely used, as most individuals preferred being able to see their doctor in person. Yet, once doctors began to realize how it could save money and time, more healthcare facilities began to investigate this new practice. The most common form of telehealth services involve patients having live conferences with their doctors. With the spread of COVID-19, this form of healthcare has become essential, as they can carry out live “in-person” appointments when necessary. Doctors and their patients may stay safely at home or in the office but discuss any ailments or treatment options concerning the patient. Other common forms of telehealthcare include online portals so that patients may fill out health insurance forms and other necessary paperwork, while also providing access to test results.

Expanding your outreach

For many facilities, there has been a shortage of physicians available in recent years. The need for physicians is even greater at this time, and handling a shortage of doctors during a pandemic is frustrating and overwhelming. With telehealth services, there are ways for doctors to reach more people. Instead of having to physically see those patients who live in rural areas or those who have a highly compromised immune system, doctors can use video conferencing to see them and provide care. Doctors are still able to diagnose and carry out treatments.

Reduce time loss

With telehealth services, many facilities have been much less likely to have “no shows.” Even if the patient does not communicate to you that he or she is unable to make the appointment, there is little time lost. If a patient does miss an appointment, you can still bill that individual for the missed phone calls or video conferencing. You can also save time throughout the day, as you will not need a large lapse of time between appointments. The telehealth appointments themselves may not take longer than 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the circumstances. Overall, the efficiency of the practice will improve as your team is better able to schedule your time.

A safer way to reach patients

With the spread of COVID-19, patients and doctors want to avoid physically meeting face to face. Of course, not all healthcare providers or individuals will be able to completely avoid in-person visits. However, it is the best practice, at this time, to meet online as much as possible for the safety of all involved. Patients who have chronic ailments have been able to schedule teleconsultations as a way to stay home and avoid exposure. With so many patients who are elderly or have underlying health conditions, these consultations may be one more way to ensure these patients stay healthy.

Cut the costs for your patients

Not only is it cheaper for your healthcare facility to offer online visits, but it is cheaper for your patients as well. Many individuals spend a lot of money on personal travel for healthcare, as there may not be medical facilities that they need in their area. Those who are in rural areas may have to travel to the city just to visit a specialist. By making healthcare more accessible, you are making it more affordable for your patients.

Improve the quality of healthcare

Telehealth offerings can improve the quality of healthcare as technological advances are constantly improving the way that patients receive care. It can provide quick access to a doctor in sudden situations, potentially saving individuals from having to derail their workdays. As soon as the doctors are available to see the patient, they will be able to diagnose and treat these problems as well.

Improve patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is incredibly important to the growth of a practice. If your patients do not feel that they are being served well, they will find another doctor or facility to visit. With telehealthcare, patient satisfaction is likely to increase as more patients will be able to be seen in a shorter amount of time with none of the waiting room hassles, all while saving them money.

Telehealth is growing, not slowing

As COVID-19 continues to threaten daily American life, the use of telehealth services has increased greatly. More healthcare facilities see the need for these services and the importance of it. Even government officials and insurance companies have made changes in their policies that promote the use of telehealthcare, and we are likely to see a steady increase of telemedicine as technologies improve and patient demands continue to grow.

With the CDC calling for healthcare providers to use telehealthcare for the safety of themselves and their patients, it is no surprise that telemedicine is now widely practiced. With the many benefits that it offers to healthcare workers and patients, it is a practice that is worth implementing.

Your facility may be able to overcome staffing challenges during this time through the employment of telehealth service, nevertheless, if your facility is understaffed, TinkBird Healthcare Staffing can provide locum tenens or permanent placements to ensure all your patients are receiving the care they deserve. Contact a TinkBird representative today!

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