Summer Locum Tenens Providers Ready to Go

It’s May, and your doctors and nurses are planning their summer vacations. Is your practice ready?

TinkBird Healthcare Staffing has a trusted pool of locum tenens providers standing by to help. We work with medical practices and hospitals in select regions across the country, providing them with skilled primary care physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to fill in when your staff can’t be there. Our providers cover shifts during summer vacations, maternity leave, peak sickness seasons, high patient volume, medical leave, or while you’re searching for a long-term/permanent provider.

Finding the Best Candidates

TinkBird has qualified practitioners available for locum tenens placement at all times. We build relationships with candidates and connect with them via multiple outlets – including an active and passive database, email and telephone campaigns, and other outlets often unavailable to in-house recruiters at medical practices and hospitals. From the initial credentialing through placement and follow-up, we cater to your facility’s specific needs.

Boutique Service at Affordable Rates

Besides having the quality personnel you expect, TinkBird also provides outstanding customer service. Each medical practice we serve enjoys these benefits:

  • Around-the-clock service
  • Single point of contact with a personal medical staffing consultant
  • Competitive rates
  • No overtime fees
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Online scheduling and credentialing information database
  • Incentive plan for referrals
  • Medical staff recruiting for a wide variety of clinical positions

We Know our Markets

We believe it’s important to know your local market and understand its needs. That’s why we have healthcare staffing experts who specialize in specific regions. We started out in just a few states, but TinkBird has grown over the past decade. We are now actively recruiting in the following regions:

New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina

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